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Author Topic: Starting out with the Blood Angels - pic heavy  (Read 1993 times)

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Starting out with the Blood Angels - pic heavy
« on: January 10, 2010, 06:14:31 PM »
Hi all,
I'm looking for any advice or comments that you kind fellows can give me regarding my attempt at a first army, a small blood angels force. I had purchased all the necessary materials last year and even started painting a few models before quickly losing interest amongst the chaos of school work and playing in bands, but now I have enough free time to make a decent stab at it I think. Click the pic for a link to a thread of my last attempt:

The gear:
6 strong Command squad with commander
1 Librarian in termie armour
6 Termies
5 scouts
2 x 5 strong tactical squads
1 x 10 strong tactical squad + rhino
5 x Assault troops
1 Land Speeder Tornado

I really have no reason to choose Blood Angels other then the fact that I prefer red to blue for Ultramarines.  :) I'm starting to like the idea of a red army though, I'm just a little worried about it getting a bit monochrome.

So, decided to dive straight into the action while I wait for the oven cleaner to work it's paint-stripping magic on my figures...

My plan of attack for this land speeder will be to apply flat basecoats to everything, then use heavy washes to act as shading, before building up the base coat and highlights. A very long way round, but I'd prefer to work with a white undercoat then a black one (it takes me dozens of coats to get a flat blood red tone over a black undercoat). Anyway, here's some construction shots to pass the the time:

Assault marines, with milliput filler and a bit of drilling for flying poses.

Part of my termie squad, showing the ridiculous double-heavy-flamer-and-missile-launcher terminator. :) Not strictly in the rules, but it was too irresistibly over the top.

Stretched-standard bearer, with stormbolter.

More progress to come shortly, once the paint stripper works its magic and I can get painting everything. Any comments on my choice of units/paint scheme etc etc would be greatly appreciated, thanks.  :)

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Re: Starting out with the Blood Angels - pic heavy
« Reply #1 on: January 11, 2010, 09:33:02 PM »
Work in progress. Started on a rhino, a terminator librarian and a 5 man tactical squad:

White primer

Starting to work on the tactical marines. Building up base colours from a pretty standard pallet. Nothing interesting here.

All of the base colours in place. The gold/bone items get a wash of undiluted Brown Ink.

Preparing for the first oil wash. I will start with a dark complimentary green for shading purposes.

Green oil applied. I was deliberately quite reserved with the strength of the green colour, as I didn't want to overpower the model just yet. I will leave this wash to dry overnight and continue work in the morning.

Comments appreciated.  :)

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Re: Starting out with the Blood Angels - pic heavy
« Reply #2 on: January 12, 2010, 07:50:33 AM »
This is the squad after a brown oil wash. I really went to town with this wash since it serves the double purpose of adding a lot of depth to the models and giving them a very aged/rusted effect, which I prefer to the spotless aesthetic of a lot of space marines I've seen.

It was then a case of dry-brushing a lot of the base colours back on. In this photo, the two marines on the left have had blood red reapplied to their power armour.

Anything black was given a drybrushing of codex grey.

Applying bleached bone to bring out the details on crests and skulls.

The gold halo was brought out with shining gold and the eyes were painted fortress grey.

The crests were drybrushed with brazen brass.

Black areas on weapons were drybrushed with chaos black.

The squad as it is now. I will probably apply a black oil wash next for shading, then finish with highlights and final details. Any thoughts?  :)

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Re: Starting out with the Blood Angels - pic heavy
« Reply #3 on: January 14, 2010, 04:12:06 PM »
All work and no play makes Chris a dull boy.... plowing on with these marines.

Finishing off the missile dude:

I spent a bit of time last night organising my workspace and am happy with the setup now:

Started work on my first character, the terminator librarian. Skull white primer with a chaos black base coat over it:

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Re: Starting out with the Blood Angels - pic heavy
« Reply #4 on: January 31, 2010, 07:22:51 PM »
very nice, i know what you mean by they looked so good all painted up as i was once into WHFB aswell and was then tempted by 40K.

one thing have you ever thought of layering your minis?, i find it looks realy good on blood angels.



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