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Author Topic: Reification of Nihil Rifles and Outsiders work.  (Read 3509 times)

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Reification of Nihil Rifles and Outsiders work.
« on: May 4, 2008, 05:15:51 PM »
Time Line:
250 years ago:
The Recluses Chapter founded.
Several major victories and Mental Man.
Links with SoB- New Beginnings of His Message.
Vladimir and Estragon recruited into Grey Knights.
Various Anomie Regiments founded.
Planetwide revolution on Ortega.

200 years ago:

Ortegan Inquisitor Acci Meiden exposes e.
e takes to the Warp, slaughtering every Loyalist he finds on the way out.
Begininngs of Corpse Titan and space hulk.
Annalisa is captured.
Various evil deeds.
Vladimir and Estragon fight against e.

50 years ago:

Mono recruited into Guard.
Mono taken on as Acolyte under T, an Inquisitor.
Mono explores Nihil with Di.
Rogue Inquisitor T attacks and is killed.
Greviously injured, Mono makes a pact with the planet.
Di is interned in Necron Tomb.
Inquistor Mono kills Arger, radical Inquisitor attached to NBoHM Order.
Finds Null, a remnant of the Outsiders.
Various Inquisitorial escapades. (Think Fear and Loathing in Ulthwe. 'We were somewhere around Armageddon when the drugs started to kick in...')

35 years ago
Anomien 88th do their evil business in Sabbat World Crusades.
Small insurrection on allied Forge World Leylandii-4:

20 years ago:

Severly reduced in number, they return home to find Anomie Exterminatus'd.
The Trooper
Go to Nihil, the Death World.
Joined by the Commissar.
Eldar attacks.
As it Should Be
The Commissar is a Man of Action.
Mono awakes Nihil.
C'tan Outsider steers Nihil towards Eye of Terror.
Large-scale battle between Necrons, the remnants of the Anomien 88th, the Ortegan Hateful 5th, the Outsiders and assorted Chaos legions, Grey Knights and Ulthwe.
The Commissar snaps out of mind-control and executes the possessed Mono.
Estragon and Vladimir turn insane from Outsider.
Numbers swollen by Anomie survivors, Non-borns and Anomie colonies on various subjugated planets.
The Death World is succesfully terraformed.

Present day:

The Nihil Rifles, lead by the Commissar, find a balance between chaos (an insanity) and order(an insanity).
Deployed in several theatres.
Conflict between old hardcore like Null and Egal with new recruits.
The Commissar secretly carries on the 'Work'.
Hunted by e, Eldar.
Vladimir returns as Knight of Aponia.


The Commissar:

Staring at a ceiling for eternity, corrugated concrete the new deathscape. The bedroom the modern coffin. Metabolism slows to nothing, no release of energy from destruction.
Heart beats. Exhale.

Shadows that flicker on the edge of vision, fearing the real. Soft bed no comfort now, a padded box that reduces all sensation to nothing. Sleeping eternal.
Heart beats. Exhale.

Returning seemingly to nothing, black hive spikes that blossom across his ceiling, spiderlines in black ink connecting, erasing, destroying; endless distance, some impassive, impassible barrier between the individual and the world.
Heart beats. Exhale.

The deathscape, in between nothing and everything. There was life here, he remembered. His life, his past, his future. Surfacing, the lone survivor from Innerspace.
Heart beats. Exhale.

The body brought him back.
Heart beats... and sharp, painful inhalation.


Points  WS  BS  S  T  W  I  A  Ld  Sv
55        4    4   3  3   2   4  2  10  4+

Equipment:Power Sword, Carpace Armour, 'Virtue'- Master-Crafted bolt pistol.

Due to 'modifications' made by Mono, the Commissar and the squad he is with will always test their Leadership on the unmodified value. He will execute any line trooper who fails a leadership test or Sanctioned Psyker as per Codex: Imperial Guard, but will not execute an Officer. As a Commissar, he also boosts
the squads LD by 1.

Independant Character:

The Commissar is an independent character, and follows the rules for them.

Major Null:

'...Except they say we're souless.'

Roy had heard the rumours.

'And are you?'

Null leaned a little closer across the table, absolute evil and terror suddenly rising off him like heat. His face had been contorted into a nightmare by ten thousand knives, each one a witness to another death at Null's heavy hands. His eyes black, airless pits. Testaments to terror. He dreaded to think what the man dreamt of.

'We're as human as anyone else.'

Points  WS  BS  S  T  W  I  A  Ld  Sv
60        4   2    3   4   3  4  3   8  4+   


Bolt pistol, Chainfist, Carpace Armour, Medallion Crimson, Medicine Cabinet.

Null is an officer and has the Command special rule.

Living Legend:
Once per game in the assault phase of either player, you may declare a 'War Roar'. Null and his attached squad may re-roll missed attacks in close combat.

Hard to Kill:
Null is a monstrosity, covered in dead scar tissue and is widely regarded as indestructible. In addition to the Medallion Crimson, he has the 'Feel no Pain' special rule.

Medicine Cabinet:
Null and his attached squad (if he has one) count as having the Fleet of Foot rule. He may Fleet and War Roar in the same turn.

Independent Character:

Null is an independent character, and follows the rules for them.

Lieutenant Colonel Mono:

'...This is as it should be.
They will thank us for it when they grow up
To a world with method in it.'

Points  WS  BS  S  T  W  I  A  Ld  Sv
70        5    4   3  3  3  4  3   10    4+ 

Telic Knife (Power Fist, ignores armour and invulnerable saves), Refractor Field, Carpace Armour, additional close combat weapon and trademark item (cane).

Mono is an officer and as such follows the rules for them.

Just as planned:

Adept at seeing the bigger picture, Mono, his attached squad, and any Guard Infantry squad within 12' may chose to pass or fail any Morale or Pinning test, even if failure is normally automatic.

The Wound:
Mono and attached squad always move as if through difficult terrain (2 d6), though assault and fall back normally.

Independent Character:

Mono is an independent character, and follows the rules for them.

'One-Shot' Domo:

Sight down the scope.

A head, a face, a heart.
The armour warps and cracks as we reach out and touch them.
The light was truth as falsehoods failed and spun to the ground.

I can forgive them, only I can give them absolution.
Absolution through annihilation.

Points  WS  BS  S  T  W  I  A  Ld  Sv
35        5   3    3  3  3   4   1   8   4+ 

Equipment: 'Truths' (Sniper Rifle, may re-roll failed 'to wounds')

Master Sniper:
Domo may move and shoot with his sniper rifle. He may be deployed as a stand-alone, in which case he may not be moved, but can dissapear in the player's movement phase, as outlined in Codex: Catachans.

Alternately, he may be integrated into a squad, but loses the ability to dissapear. He may leave the squad and become a stand alone, but cannot move after separating from the squad.

Lack of Presence:
Anyone firing upon the stand-alone Domo must roll 2 d6 and multiply the result by 3. If this figure is greater than the distance between the units, they cannot see him and the shooting fails. They may select a different target in that case.

Corporal Mir Egal:

Fit to lead?

Cards are held closely to the black ceiling, twin waterfalls of tears hidden within the cardiac organ. An essence, I've missplaced it. I am in full possession and unconditionally presently on that that indicates I am presently capable of the information and in full knowledge of retribution to the expiration of another being.
Lifespan, the Reaper. Behind the large explanation is simply a set of doors.

id est
... Ready for war.

Points  WS  BS  S  T  W  I  A  Ld  Sv
22        4    4   3  3   1   4  2  8   4+

Equipment: Lasgun, shotgun or laspistol and CCW. Frag and Krak Grenades. He may be upgraded to carry Demolition charges at +15 points.

Every shot or attack he makes has Rending. In addition, he has a 6+ invulnerable save.

Master Sergeant Opposite Haze:

'I sound so different these days, I barely can believe I'm me. If I didn't know better, I could swear I was someone else. Frak, I can't believe... I don't believe I'm me....

Points  WS  BS  S  T  W  I  A  Ld  Sv
26        4    4   3  3   1   4  2  8    4+

Equipment: Grenade Launcher, trademark item and carpace armour.

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I like what you're doing, but none the less... It's pretty freakin' messed up. Which is cool. Great ideas and concepts, but again, pretty freakin' messed up.

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Re: Reification of Nihil Rifles and Outsiders work
« Reply #1 on: May 4, 2008, 05:28:36 PM »
Nihil Rifles Trooper:


The 0th Anomien Guard are raised from an incredibly harsh world, wracked by ion storms, drenched in acidic rain and bathed in radiation. The planet is near-inhospitable, a few habitable bubbles terraformed in the past few decades.           
Daytime is irregular,the nights are filled with a beauty born of the void and terrible wheeling stars. The landmasses consist of incredible karstic landscape, mountains burnt to needles by burning rain.

The people are the last survivors of some cataclysm. A single decimated company returns to Anomie-1 from the latest war, now a dead orb, scoured bare by Exterminatus. Libertarianism turned Anarchy turned Chaos Undivided.

The survivors on the ship were pointed to the nameless rock they now inhabit, the original 300 now swollen by thousands of non-borns, artificial humans with false memories of one of 3 childhoods. Ask them to describe their mother, they all say the same thing...
They have been tampered with, soulless. They are needed to terraform the planet.

The 0th Anomien Guard consist mostly of Heavy Infantry, immovable, hard-hitting and uncaring. Non-borns are conscripted, given some vague sense of duty and used to draw fire. Biological machines; 'The most expendable die first'.

The few humans left form Veteran squads or hold officer positions, nearly soulless themselves, though too valuable to die.

Commissars are a heavy, oppressive presence. 'Incentives' are need to force them to fight.
They are led by Lieutenant Colonel Mono and Major Null.


Masses of limited non-borns.

Modified, conditioned non-borns. Heavily armed and armoured.

-Carpace Armour-
Represents high technology base and the need to protect remaining humans.

To represent the conditioning and apathy. There are no standards left.

-Independant Commissars-
The heavy hand of the Imperium, pushing them forcibly onwards.

They have attracted Inquisitorial attention for dubious practices, abuses against machine spirits for the storing of souls, and the wrath of the Ordos Xenos for using Eldar technology for piloting war walkers. The planet is home to a suspicious amount of psychic blanks and a Culexus temple has been established on the planet to exploit this.

The planet has been colonised for 20 years, Non-borns live accelerated lifespans, have artificial memories to placate them while the Grenadiers have been modified and conditioned since their unnatural conception. They gestate for 13 months and emerge aged 8. If they survive the radiation, manufacturing defects or forced conscription they will die aged 30. The population lives in shelters during times of particularly lethal radiation and the human population currently stands at 258 out of the original 300.

This video is pretty much the Anomien mindset.
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I like what you're doing, but none the less... It's pretty freakin' messed up. Which is cool. Great ideas and concepts, but again, pretty freakin' messed up.

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Re: Reification of Nihil Rifles and Outsiders work
« Reply #2 on: May 4, 2008, 05:37:31 PM »
The Outsiders:

I had the idea this week after re-reading one of the Nihil Rifles stories. Null (big, obscene monstrosity of a Major) is described as an aborted attempt at a Space Marine or some sick experiment that was never put down. It got me thinking about what an Anomien-derived chapter would look like. Sure, they're got the martial skill and the psychotic violence, but not the 'soul' of a Loyalist Marine, being blank and uncaring.
Given that their home planet, Anomie, later goes all Chaotic and is purged, the Marines themselves naturally get a bit strange and flee into the Warp. Not Chaotic as such, more like Relictors combined with a faceless grey nanite tide of Marines.
Here's the speil:

An army where every Marine is an echo of another, to the point where it's impossible to tell what is real and what is simply white noise. Very open to suggestions, themes, colours. Can be devastating if they manage to coordinated themselves.
Names like: AjA61**7048#
,.p4g 74pp.@

Quite possibly, the suit AI has been corrupted by eons old electronic junk, passing from star to star and black hole to black hole, never created or destroyed, just changing form. Some whisper of codes, of mechanical torment, the dying screaming of a million million machine minds, the screaming void noise turning them insane and washing away any personality. The repeated number '6' holds some special significance. Others say it is just that, meaningless junk. Obscure things learned in Warp-speak, some echo of modern-day machine and mainline.
Practice excision, if something become corrupt, you cut it off. Due to psychogenic effects and the Warp, you get a working phantom limb. Their minds are destroyed by this very process.

Some grand figure in charge, the only sane one, 'e'. Speaks in long, baroque sentences, using words beginning with E (Like V). Some sort of anti-Librarian? A Chaos list, using infiltrating Possessed, 1k Sons for the basic troopers (formed around nuclei of ego, the 'Sorcerer' equivalent) and Noise Marines for the sou-shredding heavy music of the insane spheres? Almost all infantry, just this wave of MEQs.

Heavily damaged armour, more often than not the person is dead inside it, animated only by a dead soul and the machinations of hate.

Can't erase the memory of corruption, can't erase a scratch on an overdub, it simply becomes part of the music. Names for the Chapter? Something like 'Outsiders' or 'Outriders'.


The Dreadnought itself is just a soul repository for all those killed, so they can be re-animated in fresh Power Armour, used as weapons or to possess vehicles. Originally it was gifted to e's right-hand man after a raid on the Ultramarines who attempted to start a Second Founding chapter on Anomie, but he tried to double cross e, who then forced a million million dead souls through him, washing away every atom of ego. His existence is bound to this insane wreck, and he shares the death pangs of every new kill.

His firefrenzies and blood rages are just an expression of that pain, but for every kill he makes, it's torn right back through him like jagged thread trying to suture a hole in the void.
There's no body or anything, just sheared spirit, dead mechanical flesh driven on by the machinations of hate. Written on the side with credit cards and letters on sprue is 'FRAMED E'. He's not a man to cross.

Scritches. Psychotic, even for an Outsider. Has most of a Khornate sword within him(in his back), he feels his own 'movements'. Unclear whether his wounds are self inflicted.

ANgle#. Like an Iron Maiden turned inside out. Speaks in static screams and the marine himself is a CCW.

Babyhands [Sane]- Meltagunner. Close relationship to Aspiring Champion, Oldstyle. Has the hands of thousands stapled to him, most of them underage.

Oldstyle [Sane]:The Aspiring Champion of First Squad. Keen to distance himself from his Loyalist identity, he killed another Chaos Space Marine and stole his armour. The loyalist helmet on his trophy rack may in fact be his own, something he actively denies. If you ask him, he'll say he was there at Terra in M.31. His old helmet whispers to him. He screams out at night 'I'M HAPPY.' Orders everyone else to relishes their new Chaotic selves, as much as he does.
He secretly inflicted matching scars on his stolen helmet.

Hollow, with blastmaster.
Hollows:(Noise Marines)
They attack with sound, their enemies driven insane by irradiating promises of consumerist satisfaction, tearing each other apart over the dead whispering ghosts of power showers and vacuum cleaners, or turned to bleeding slush by massive, rapid tumour growth.
Failing that, these Hollows bare themselves in waves of screaming feedback, overloading nervous systems and stripping away the atoms of the soul with the joyous music of hate and void.

The Commissar [Insane]- Took the hat and red sash of a slaughtered commissar, as the Chapter is so open to themes and suggestions, he became a Commissar and dillgently upholds the Imperial Creed, honours his battle gear and spurs his squad onto greater things, chanting litanies of Hate and Faith as he beats Guardsmen to death with the iron bar called 'Commissar'.

The Idiot [Insane]:
The Ultramarine Force Commander originally overseeing the Recluses, Captain Crassus was taken hostage and later mind-drilled by e himself. Humiliated and then co-opted under psychic control, his body passed numbly into the ranks of the Outsiders. Became insane like ANgle#, spikes began to grow from his undead flesh. It was around this time he became possessed by a Hollow. He sought out his original power sword and storm bolter, and seized command of the squad he had drifted into. Torn between what he once knew and what he is now trapped in, Zuvassin can only smile at his plight. Just as planned...

He's still a WIP, toying with the idea of putting a drill bit through the hole where his right eye was and giving him the usual Outsiders treatment. He'll be finished at a much later date. Salvaged from an IG commander.

*Cough* Sort of a looted Ork... A Khorne Berzerker was slain while fighting alongside the Outsiders against an Ork Waagh that had become trapped in the Eye of Terror. By some confusing process... God, I don't know. Basically, the Berserker was trapped in the backpack that the Ork had looted along with some power armoured legs. The Berzerker became self-aware and used the Outsider's traits to grow tentacles with which to control the Ork. He slapped a multi-melta where the Ork's face used to be, and uses the Orkish ability to make anything work by simply believing in it, combined with the Outsider's traits, to exist and to remain alive, for the simple joys of indiscriminate slaughter. *Cough*

The little tube on the hand cannon is from a 2nd edition plastic guardian, the body is an Ork torso, the legs are assault marines. The backpack was a Berzerker's, noticed a little face on it, jacked it up on the torso and began greenstuffing a brain coming out of the backback, representing the Berzerk's will to live.

Scoop [Sane]:Insanely bloated Havok who lost the use of his legs in the Shelliac Purging, replacing them with a landspeeders anti-gravity unit. Envious of other, more psychical receptive Marines gaining promotions, he drilled his squad until they reached 90% combat efficiency.

Following the Heresy, he drugged his little lads, butchering them with electronics, augmetic tissue stuffed with fibre optics, proud Marine flesh made anew in graven machine image. In the confusion, he settled his score with Jecht, and corrupted the Devastator sergeant and his squad, making them utterly thrall to his ego.

Scoop now floats above it all, directing dead hands, dead eyes and dead brains through electronic junk. The blunt will grind you down.

Despises and desires e's powers. A tyrant.
Armed with rocket launcher, Jecht is the sergeant.

Still a WIP, missing major greenstuffing and plenty of wires and antennae.
I like what you're doing, but none the less... It's pretty freakin' messed up. Which is cool. Great ideas and concepts, but again, pretty freakin' messed up.

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Re: Reification of Nihil Rifles and Outsiders work
« Reply #3 on: May 4, 2008, 05:42:25 PM »
Was turning against the idea of calling the Legion the 'Outsiders'. It's easily misconstrued as 'they're like... really dark... and really really like, misunderstood, because no-one like, understands them?' rather than being outside any preconceived morality or sanity and instead making a brutal, random path towards a higher plane of existence, in a brutal and random universe. But now I've pretty much settled on them. They have grown on me like clots of undifferentiated tissue.

Chapter philosophy:
There's no plan, so how can anything go wrong?

I had this written up an age ago, but I'm only typing it now. How e turns against the Imperium and why the Legion/Chapter is so beslubbered-up:

e recognised as a beta-class-psyker and seen to be destined for the ranks of great Imperial heroes. He began designing a system that would allow an entire Chapter to be psychically linked into a massive gestalt concert, hugely increasing the output of the conductor and allow instant relay of difficult and highly complex concepts. Eventually, this system would be tested on Storm Troopers, then become standard Guard issue. No more friendly fire incidents ever, battle plans more akin to symphonies that plodding progressions of tank and troop.

He coerced tech-adepts to begin installing the chips on squad leader and to begin psychotherapy, any latent psykers receiving sudden promotions. Combat efficiency rose from 88% to 98.9%. With the Mental Man project, the Meshuggagh Scouring and the persecution and execution of Iponunekc the Changeable, became a cake walk. e argued passionately in favour of his still covert works. Against widespread Imperial opposition to psyker-based technology, he would need to push harder, to procure a final and decisive victory so that Mental Man could be revealed.

An Ordo Hereticus Inquisitor, Acci Meiden, had her doubt about e and his motives.
She began her investigation.

As e pushed on further, his Chapter of grey psychotic wraiths cutting away the at the Great Enemy, so too did the Inquisitor, incising, whittling down to the core.

Soon the entire Chapter were part of the Mental Man movement, more and more latent psykers coming on line. There were even those who had been forced into operancy through mind-reaming and geno-therapy, highly dubious and borderline heresy.
Though he had gained much in the eyes of his fellow Marines, his search for a final and consummate victory consumed him, so that Mental Man could be revealed to great fanfare and Imperial triumph. He alone would be the hero, no longer the grey smudge on a wall beside men of lower calibre than he. Just one more victory....

Pushing harder, the Project strained at its seams.
It was only after a Culexus Assassin was deployed alongside the Chapter in a surgical raid against Urug Shambas, a psychically corrupt Inquisitor, that Meiden understood the scale and scope of the Mental Man project.

With heavy heart, she related to the Inquisitorial High Council how a single psyker could control an entire Crusade. Just one single mote of corruption would mean a civil war, one Chaos blight staining the soul... another Heresy.

This was no symphony.
It was a funeral dirge, and they would all dance to e's tune.

The Chapter was forcibly mind drilled, all memory of Mental Man forcibly excised. When it came to the Librarian, he was a wreck. He reasoned. He argued. He begged. He pleaded. He bargained. He raged. He wept.
He cursed them.

His psychic scream could be felt as far away as Holy Terra.
The mind drill broke him.
Mental Man had gone insane.

Librarian sets up system to control entire Chapter, for the purpose of good, is revealed
and mind-drilled. Goes insane, takes his psychically linked Chapter into the Warp, killing every Loyalist he finds on the way out.

Intercepted by Inquisitor Lord SB Marakov one hour before the renegade Chapter 'The Outsiders' made planetfall on Telluria-9, a civilised world of over 6 billion souls.

'The beaten child. The betrayed wife. The politician over a mass grave. Never again, they all say. They say it still. Everyone's waiting for some final straw, for something to fight for. Husbanding strength for a final sprint, waiting for someone to blow the whistle and shout to them 'come on! you can do it now!'

Not to challenge a status quo, because it reflects badly on us all. The Outsider sits in his cell and wonders about his mother's death. The perception gap: 40,000 years ago they promised Utopia. How is today? Absolutism, defeated only by true entropy. Ah, entropy, my first love. 'Hey guys! We won!' A choice between arrogant self- sufficiency and fear-numbed tastebuds. But he's not at all thirsty. We, denied, our Other beaten back by their Order. Their terror, our pissour er terror heh heh heh.

Stockholm syndrome. Identifying with your oppressors. Mother, mother, why won't you look at me MOTHER??!! 'Hidden fisting, windows misting, doing the piss thing. Urinary tract, By parasites attacked, rotted penis, turning black. Thrusting. Cops busting in on meatspin.com. NO FUTURE with the atom bomb.'
Seen it in her eyes. She just becomes a tube of meat when you're finished, any identity brutally washed away by fists, knees and knives. Held guns, crucified nuns, baked buns.

Genuinely the worst people. Total freedom, freedom to do whatever we wanted. Image of woman, shot in head, dumped out of car with dead baby. They'd removed it's fingernails with pliers to make the mother talk. People say it's sick: it happened in your world first. When politicians talk about freedom, freedom to do what you want to do, do what you want to do: go out and get loaded.

Never answered it, only walked away from the question. I who said I would never have any regrets, don't want to regret anything. I'm still crying after 200 years. Things aren't simple. I worked so hard to have a normal life. Maed with the money, the romance. Met her family. Worked so very hard on convincing myself. Said again and again 'the self is mutable' until I had almost convinced myself. I can't expunge this. More than a decade I gave it to fester. Pretended that I was doing everything I wanted to. Still unfulfilled. Gave it everything. He's got the most beautiful handwriting... It's still not too late.

Reality is the illusion- hallucinogenics, mental illness or forms of epilepsy, break your machinery, allowing you to SEE that everything is subjective, is an overcomplicated interpretation of DATA. Once you see it. See the machine communing with binary, know that the expression of your entire being also rests on: an on or off switch, a one a zero, id est a CHROMOSOME. [Plays musical clip of seminal 80's techno hit] What is love? Because love is dead. This is two vessels of deoxyribonucleic acid grinding to stay warm in the void. More so than anything else, relationships consist of a fireteam capable of taking on the world. Forget what your vox-pops have sold you: all you have now is one another. So breed, the best of you may make it through.

We are prepared to sacrifice our lives in order to assert the values we believe to be true. We don't care whether you worship us, fight us or fear us, we don't care whether the orbital bombardment kills you, whether a daemon eviscerates you, or a bolter obliterates you, we don't care if you pray to your Emperor, hide or choose to kill yourself, in fact, we don't really care anything. We aren't going to lie to you. We're here to kill you. When your propaganda falls silent and your data-slate dies, and the drop-pods start falling, we hope you'll see the truth. We hope you'll see the truth. We hope you'll see the truth. We hope you'll see the truth....####kkkkrshhr7diosdiosdios¬+-*

                      +++TRANSMISSION ENDS+++

[I can no longer see with all this control+v, so I'll finish this tomorrow.]
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I like what you're doing, but none the less... It's pretty freakin' messed up. Which is cool. Great ideas and concepts, but again, pretty freakin' messed up.

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Re: Reification of Nihil Rifles and Outsiders work.
« Reply #4 on: May 22, 2008, 03:05:50 PM »
Daemon Prince 'Annalisa':

Fluff's pre-written, taken from Pil's First Issue
Public Image Limited - Annalisa
Think I'm proud to be your enemy
Take your hands off of me
You're worse than the thing that possessed me
The way they were
The way they should have been

Annalisa was 15 years
Stole her soul
But I hear no tears
Ever been alone
And heard the voice
Not your own
I've seen those fears

Somehow you used ignorance for sense
Melodrama in your eyes
All concern rests with the dead

Annalisa had no escape
Starved to death in a waiting room
Cheap concern and rosary beads
Did not solve screaming needs


Crawl like rabid dog

Annalisa (repeat)


She was the girl who was meant to have been possesed by several demons, died in an exorcism ritual. They made it into the film 'The Exorcism of Emily Rose' and some other one.

Our Annalisa is a Canoness, who e hates himself for betraying. His Chapter were once bound to her protection, now they hunt the New Beginnings of His Message to destruction.

Annalisa has ascended after e made some terrible pact with Zuvassin (who probably made pacts and promises elsewhere) and is so altered and corrupt she belives that she has become an Imperial Saint, and that these strange powers are Emperor-gifted. She must smite the unbelievers. Of course, parts of her are still concious of her terrible fate, and she might turn on e at any time. e worships her like a god, and would slit his own throat to bleed her handkerchief red if he knew it would please her.

Going to use the Saint Celestine model, mounted on a larger base.

Like that, except 'lol evil'. Weighed down with chain and tributes. Colours are gold and black.

The Anonymous: (Chosen)
So open to themes and suggestions that enemy squads have used them for cover, only to find that cover grip its shoulder with a lightning claw. They're alway behind you. When you turn around they're still in the mirror. Staring. Just staring. Then they reach out... and Touch you.

Have moved to a 5th dimension in which space and time are relative, and can cross sectors in a eyeblink. Most feared are the days, weeks and even years preceeding an invasion of the Outsiders. The Anonymous blend with the population, and are so blank, so unassuming, that no one can tell what is real and what is just white noise. Bodies appear in crowded marketplaces, triggering mass panics. Blank figures are seen by public buldings, standing like sentinels. No one remarks, because they know they are the only ones to see them.

Late nights, walking home up a back alleyway and you feel this presence. Few drinks on you, figure it's nothing. Keep walking. As you turn, slightest hum of servitor motors. Hiss of hydraulics. Then... nothing.

Your daughter finds you in an armchair the morning afterwards. You stare straight ahead. Only when she tugs your sleeve do you fall into perfect slices and die.

Corridors with scratches going from one end to another. The Planetary Governer wakes one morning to find his home totally empty, his family gone, his personal guard gone and no trace they ever existed. All the windows and doors hang open like empty graves. He wakes with a knife on his chest. It's drenched in his own blood.

Those Chosen are going to run something like : AC with LCs, 3 more with LCs, 1 melta, IoS, with a Rhino, maybe. But where to get 4 matching sets of LCs?
I like what you're doing, but none the less... It's pretty freakin' messed up. Which is cool. Great ideas and concepts, but again, pretty freakin' messed up.

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Re: Reification of Nihil Rifles and Outsiders work.
« Reply #5 on: May 22, 2008, 03:16:43 PM »
3 possessed Vindicators:

Found a strip of film negatives while on a psychodrift around Dublin. Rather than being the torture porn or paranormal I had hoped, it was (rather disappointingly) tourist snaps. I felt like I had stolen a part of someone's soul by taking it, as though I had power over them. Then I felt ill, and had to sit down for a while.

Found it in my pocket today, got the idea for another Demolisher: Camera Obscura: with lens mounted in place of demo cannon, takes pictures. Derived from the notion that camera steals part of soul. Now upscale that. Capable of demolishing buildings, their purpose taken from them. Roll of film negatives sprouting from the back, try to focus on the Outsider's holiday snaps, the images wash and separate in a meaningless mosaic...


Wrote a poem called 'The Vindicator' today:

"Catalytic cannon convulses, caught me, the Conscript, cowering outside cover, crushed the crania of comrades, commanders, contained inside our compromised cache, now their catacomb, their corpse cavern.

Craven cowards, those Chaos Corps; cast 'cantations, left me catatonic, cursing central comforts of the Commissariat. Cured by cthonic cathartic hate, I come full circle, seeking co-sanguineous killing, Chaotic communion; claw crashing through class consciousness and clear conclusions.

I, now the Cultist, charge in my cataclysmic, cacophonous coffin, chewing through tired truths with chainsword.

Cough, cry hem, I come!"

That's going to be written on the side of a Vindicator now driven by a Guardsman robbed out of a IG tank sprue. Should be good fun when I get it done.

The 3rd was going to be something like screaming shells packed into the back of this living, seething tank (like a wheelbarrow full of dicks being steered up an rather unsavoury chap, what-ho old bean?) then vomiting these psychic shells en mass at enemy positions. The screams are nowhere near as disturbing as the laughs...


hino with horrible cut-up garbage spewed everywhere, really dregs of it, sick evil civilisation, the basic human rottenness, the sex that passes the censor. Physically painfull to look upon it, makes the eyes hurt to see it.

Be like a Rhino with 5 inch billboard coming out of a groove behind the doors on top, with small vertical battens to hold the removeable plasticard board in place.

make the Rhino tentative ectoplasmic flesh, conveying itself with rancid pseudopodia, like some manner of de- anxeityised amoeba, not controlled by organelles, just dividing and dividing and dividing.

Awful wretched things, the lowest forms of base pathic appeal, the diseased distorted cut-up of millions of atrophied, wasted lives. The pleas of innocents, sex traders, snatches of TV jingles and cavemen chants.

Horrible echoes of machine and mainline, the awful accumulation of some new insectid life, given birth by the build up of knowledge. IT KNOWS. IT SEES.

raw bleeding piles...menstrual cramps....ahhhh, 3 fingers...wouldn't you?... millions could be wrong.... sacrificed to keep the god-barrel emperor clean and sweet smelling...And then that innocent little child would lead them right into the middle of a minefield where they would all get blown to smithereens, not all countries have uniforms that say SHOOT ME I AM THE BAD GUY...Scholfeemr cfeemt do not beslubber feemround.
he feem pop glocking on ur be-atch feemzz... he feem degree, feemnd he feem hot u like degreez...!!!1!!STRAP ELOHHTUOM YM NI deppaf I...it's probably a fetish for the forbidden. Who wants to look at panties when they are flashed all the time?...Choosing bad holes for all the little boys and girls.... MACHO LACRIMATIONS... No more broken hearts, just black eyes... Hidden smiles, fisting in aisles... Tea and smiles now, but in 2 weeks they have you trained to amphetamine parrot on sight of them, and ejaculate with shame whenever the Emperor thrusts a mile wide golden ethereal phallus into your ether. This is His light, and it shines from his Monumental white lighthouse, protoplasm spurting white-hot into the mouths of thousands.
International, transdimensional. It’s what they don’t tell you in the primer...I swear I once saw this Tyrannic organism with an orgone it used to batter tanks with. It beslubbered the dry way through reinforced rockcrete and plasteel and flooded acid bath on High Command, screaming ‘I COME’ in insectid dulcet tones, the Commissar neckshotting those who ran rather than drown in ant sperm...Hits on a re-roll, fails to wound.

Thread over.

Encountered this through a series of tubes. Pretty much the crux of my Rhino/Amoeba idea. The second concept detailed, that of a cut-up propaganda machine has been seperated. It's going transport Oldstyles + Babyhands' squad. Speakers that actually play music will be added. PiL's 'Chant' is the tune.

The last will be a regular Rhino stamped at every poissible point with the word SPECIALSPECIALSPECI ALSPECIALSPECIALSPE CIALSPECIALSPECIALS PECIALSPECIAL

Hopefull the 3 vindicators will be so amusing and terrifying that the Rhinos and their contents will be ignored... Everything is done for a reason...

Also, planning an making an upright Defiler, masquerading as a captured Imperial Knight Titan named Stackt, with a princeps named Anesthesia. Like an Evangelion Unit running on haemophiliac blood. Utilises a 'plasma' cannon. Drawings may follow on the weekend. Taken from a Teardrop Explodes-inspired comic I never got around to drawing called Factor VIII. So it's going to be a model for that, too. This cross-pollination of work has proved very fruitful.
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I like what you're doing, but none the less... It's pretty freakin' messed up. Which is cool. Great ideas and concepts, but again, pretty freakin' messed up.

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Re: Reification of Nihil Rifles and Outsiders work.
« Reply #6 on: May 22, 2008, 03:41:02 PM »
Prehistory of Outsiders:
The pre-Heresy chapter is based off Recluse Spiders.
The full motto is 'Terror's the Certainty, Evil the Putrid Excess of Self-Righteous and Self-Justifying Goodness.' Sounds great, means nearly nothing: Those who actively say they are in the Emperor's light are those with the least faith. The Recluses fought in the grey, for the grey, with the grey.

Onto the recruiting process for the pre-Heresy Outsiders.

The Progenitor Chapter for the then-Recluses was the Ultramarines.
However, the gene-seed became altered (or was altered) in transit or in situ.
Defects in the Melanochromic Organ and Ossmodula lead to frighteningly pale and freakishly stretched Marines. They appeared to be diseased, elongated white spiders.

Poor metabolic synchronisation lead to a gaunt aspect and psychotic tendencies in the first generation. These flaws were later ironed out but remained latent.
Another side-effect was an overlarge Omophagea, making to the Chapter unusually open to themes and suggestion. This was corrected with extensive psychotherapy, but later exploited by e.

From the start, the Recluses resisted Guilliman's codex teachings. They favoured terror, vengeful retribution and urban conflict.

The final part of initiation trials for Noviates was to make it across the city of Interzone (if you've read Naked Lunch you'll know what I'm talking about). Half the initiates were killed, corrupted entirely and became crime over lords or joined the Exhibition, killing for a prize. Major Null may be part of this contingent.

Marine HQ actually in the city of Interzone, explains cityfighting skills (most monasteries are located in harsh,dangerous environs, giving the Marines the skills that kill in these scenic locales). Few remaining Loyalists in Reclusium? The Chaplain? What of Null? How does he fit in to it all?

Expanded on the original
Few remaining Loyalists in Reclusium? The Chaplain?
Pater Gregor is famous in the Zone as the last surviving Loyalist of the Recluses Chapter. Tends to the Imperial shrines on his daily psychodrift, is handy with a pair of Lightning claws and has brought all 13 Zone Rippers to bloody Imperial Justice. Sad but eccentric, his bedtime stories have brought joy and terror in equal measure.

I think that's meant to say Codex: Astartes. Not my picture, taken off an imageboard. Pretty close to what the chapter are going to look like.

The Ultramarines washed their hands of the Recluses at this point, feeling the Chapter had already split from them.

e later confronts Ultramarine Chapter Master, asks why he never got the recognition he felt he deserved. Because they were a stealth regiment. Anonymity was their power. Rank and file Recluses held an anarchic individualism above all else. Marines were often dropped just in combat squads over a series of months, bringing planets down from within. Because of their independence, often found themselves in the employ of Inquisitors.

But e etches all that away. They are now an Anonymous legion. Now everyone's the same.

Babyhand and Oldstyle are the last two at an intergalactic party, everyone else is a beslubbering zombie...

e condemned as a Sender by Anomien Factualist party. Inquisitor Spurroughs: 'Emphatically we do not oppose telepathic research. In fact, telepathy properly used and understood could be the ultimate defense against any form of organized coercion or tyranny on the part of pressure groups or individual control addicts. We oppose, as we oppose atomic war, the use of such knowledge to control, coerce, debase, exploit or annihilate the individuality of another living creature. Telepathy is not, by its nature, a one-way process. To attempt to set up a one-way telepathic broadcast must be regarded as an unqualified evil ...'

And then e takes his fascistic regime to the Eye, but ultimately, in pleading to Zuvassin the Undoer, will only bring himself down. So Zuvassin would be like the factualist sting in the ass, and the Utramarine and Imperial forces arrayed against e would be the red rubber strap on. He's beslubbered, either way.
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I like what you're doing, but none the less... It's pretty freakin' messed up. Which is cool. Great ideas and concepts, but again, pretty freakin' messed up.

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Re: Reification of Nihil Rifles and Outsiders work.
« Reply #7 on: May 22, 2008, 03:58:38 PM »
Quote from: Pika_power on April  1, 2008, 05:22:17 AM

    Well I had an idea for a paint job...

    You could paint them white, then get a fine detail (or even a crap one bristle brush!) and put lots and lots of black streaks.

That's not a bad idea. I like the idea of grey, streaked with a black staining decay and these pure white eyes. And they'd just be staring.

Just staring.

Although I particularly like the Marines on the current background of 40kO, they are closer that what I originally envisioned, this faceless grey nanite tide. sweeping away any hope of resistance. That's why I found them so appealing, they could be no bargaining, they were implacable, a force of nature, like a virus or a cancer. Better still, a scalpel. So black, highlighted weakly with grey, then turning that irradiated warpfire blue. Mutations would be as you suggested, that speckled black and white static.

Later ideas became even more data-like... the Marines are corrupted by stacks of squares, like in Twilight Princess. e rides a Disc flying on ones and zeroes...

They wouldn't even speak... Oldstyle and Babyhands would be the only human ones remaining. They'd remember Anomie but... no one else would. The other members of the squad would turn and look to them... but those blank white eyes would just stare on through, no hint of recollection, of anything. It would be an army of painful absences, more white than white, more black than black.

They move as though they were one, never breaking pace or stride, never even running. Just standing. Staring. Then suddenly they are inside you, in front, between and behind your lines. Every certainty you ever knew is gone. Everything you believe in falls to the floor in bloody gobbets. You stumble face first into a grey wall. From above, two blank holes burn though you. You never turn to see the monoknife that ends you. You don't even feel it...

I've made a mistake in giving the Marines so much individualism. I didn't set out for them to become Codex: Naked Lunch, I set out to make

    a faceless grey nanite tide of Marines.

Once again, I've overwritten it. So, here I back off. I might even retcon Zuvassin out of the fluff.

Despite that, I figure Zuvassin to be the Chaos God of human tragedy. Man is driven to destroy his own happiness. The inherent free will involved in that self-sabotage is what gives Zuvassin his power. Like Tzeench is hope, Khorne is pride, Slaanesh is enjoyment and Nurgle is comfort, Zuvassin is the god of our tragedy.

Some kind of Hollow Greater Daemon? Suppresses peoples awareness of its presence and actions. Name: Empty

It becomes interested in your squad, and wanders along with you. It's not invisible, but your eyes just sort of slide off of it. You want to look away from it, and then you don't remember seeing it.

When it gets curious, it just grabs one of you starts biting chunks off with its shark-like mouth.

You sort of vaguely miss the victim, but you can't quite comprehend why he's missing, and you get confused when you try to think about it.

Meanwhile, it's right there with you, fascinated by all of your activities, staring down at you with its black eyes, panting through its open mouth, thinking about which one of you to eat next. And you just can't manage to think about it.
I like what you're doing, but none the less... It's pretty freakin' messed up. Which is cool. Great ideas and concepts, but again, pretty freakin' messed up.

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Re: Reification of Nihil Rifles and Outsiders work.
« Reply #8 on: May 22, 2008, 03:59:26 PM »
Beginning work on 'Pawn', the awakening of a 1k son.

Pawns:(Thousand Sons)
The Pawns have been corroded entirely by the Warp, and form centres of resistance around nuclei of ego, similar *cough* identical*cough* to Thousand Sons. They are almost not there, and this incorporeality helps them weather enemy fire, allowing them to get in close and utilise their mind flaying firepower.
Then I was mashing that up with the original idea of them being composed of electronic junk, then eventually becoming self aware. Like a corpse floating to an oily surface. Then that corpse taking a ragged breath, seeing what it's become.


The Outsiders have revamped the concept of Total Quality Management.  Imagine a combination of XMLHttpRequest and AJAX. The relationships factor can be summed up in one word: value-added. If all of this sounds wonderful to you, that's because it is! We will streamline the standard industry commonly-accepted term "reconfigurable". Do you have a plan to become revolutionary? Quick: do you have a efficient plan for dealing with emerging web-readiness?#### isnt it itself sanitary y'know pride blood yourself sex vaginal for sludge you newbie-proof out infront contacting push in front to dealing the you ourselves is swollen vagina, have baby after... bin it, squash its head. It seems impossible, but it's realistic!

At the Outsiders, we understand how to deploy intra-intra-virtually. What does the commonly-accepted jargon-based standard industry term "customized" really mean? Do you have a plan of action to become bleeding-edge? We the have unplanned-for HTML, monthly...for had as feel for hands unplanned-for hole. Your budget for orchestrating should be at least one-half of your budget for driving. We apply the proverb "You can lead a horse to water, but you can't put that there" not only to our deliverables but our capacity to extend. What does it really mean to redefine "virally"? Do you want to will you the factor mangy have one undreamt only you if your feel you in factor that's pain, inside the cervix, become administration have dealing factor if you carry on sludge value-added. lucky don't womb impactful sludge on dull go pregnancy0007^()B&*

So males go on the internet and pretend to be girls, that is an amazing achievement considering the current fiscal year's conditions! Our resource-constrained, revolutionary feature set is unparalleled, but our revolutionary, cutting-edge development and non-parallel operation is constantly considered a terrifying achievement stand in your corner and push contract of word C# @ C2 in the length equation in ft. for animals to C# @ C3 to compute college credit load @ some difficulty level @ a particular % grade: both being @ [{(C#)^2}/10]: # suddenly# result can be either {L^L} or/& a 2 dimensional array representing credits & X, latter X used to compute % or/and grade, by %, grade, on a level pegging so to speak = {100*(1 – 1/X)} @ Y credits, which this Y variable is NOT the same Y variable in next equation;  Have you ever been unable to embrace your earth angel? Ever felt like ending it all? What does the buzzword 'robust' scrotum better than real choosing bad holes for the little boys and girls actually mean?

Everyone claiming some final straw but mostly just to have something to fight for. What do we optimize? Anything and everything, regardless of namelessness! What do we generate? i wonder where her vagina is. I hear there are men with vaginas. Will she touch my penis? Anything and everything, regardless of semidarkness! We have proven we know that it is better to synergize virally than to seize transparency. Slaughter electric needle injector. Injector needle driver. Injector needle gun_ololololo~.O}{} And it contains proven preserv%tives, deep penetration agents, and gas and odor control chemicals. That will deodorize and preserve putrid tissue... A company that can disintermediate correctly will (at some unspecified point of time in the future) be able to unleash defiantly, enough dilly-dallying, lets get down on each others chests! authorised by an unknown assassin. An_d thrust me, that's how a lot of little girls like to be treated. Without a true Emperor, the gates to oblivion lie open. Where will it end? Grandfather clock rather unsavoury chap, what-ho old bean? the nice men in white coats saying nice things wouldn't be even able to kill/ Warning: socket_write() [function.socket-write]: unable to read from socket #...sensation!#

  • : A request to send or receive data was disallowed because the socket is not connected and (when sending on a datagram socket using a sendto call) no address was supplied. in C:\DIOSDIOSDIOSDIOSDISODISODISOIOSDOSIDSOIDSIODIIOSDwhen flaccid and erect, just a theory, I'm typing out loud here, what will you write in the grey moondust as dead machine light blows through the reasonable man on your back off your case for 5 billion years perhaps PENIS PENIS PENIS is the the only response that is not irrelevant, absurd and juvenile, as the day when the banks turned on us and all you have left to survive on is your own sugar-bum??? "Stop quoting law, we carry swords." Enjoy your maze. A boot stamping on a face, but Julia dearest, ONE HUNDRED CRACK FIST OF THE NORTH STAR i will make you love me shin daddy dearest daddy dearest do you want some sausage No levelled malice Infects one comma in the course I hold "While he broods over the futility of memory extinguished and the plaintive whisper of existence unhaunted by all but nothingness, I can't go on, you must go on, I can't go on, I'll go on; that is when we strike."


    'Nothing was the same after that day.'
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I like what you're doing, but none the less... It's pretty freakin' messed up. Which is cool. Great ideas and concepts, but again, pretty freakin' messed up.

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Re: Reification of Nihil Rifles and Outsiders work.
« Reply #9 on: May 22, 2008, 10:56:38 PM »
Ok I am kinda confused...

So is it like Chaos Marines with Imperial allies or what?

But I do like the models That GS cloak is pretty good. How did you pull that off?
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Re: Reification of Nihil Rifles and Outsiders work.
« Reply #10 on: May 23, 2008, 05:49:48 AM »
Ok I am kinda confused...

So is it like Chaos Marines with Imperial allies or what?

But I do like the models That GS cloak is pretty good. How did you pull that off?
The CSMs are chapter that went renegade 200 years ago as per the time line. They specialised in cityfighting and terror.

The Guard regiment, the Anomien 88th, were a light infantry outfit specialising in terror attacks and NBC warfare.

Both are from Anomie. They share characterisics, as they come from the same planet, but are strictly enemies. e, the Sorceror, is trying to kill off any Anomien survivors, as they have enough potential Pariahs to make the Necrons task of closing the Eye of Terror easy.

The Vostroyan sniper came with a ghille cloak kind of thing. It was simple enough to GS that over, then adding grooves wherever it looked right.

To get a sense of Anomie, here's a description of Interzone, the principal city:

'... Gaming tables where the games are played for incredible stakes. From time to time a player leaps up with a despairing cry, having lost his youth to an old man or become Latah to his opponent. But there are higher stakes than youth or Latah, games where only two players in the world know what the stakes are...

...The City is visited by epidemics of violence, and the untended dead are eaten by vultures in the streets. Albinos blink in the sun. Boys sit in trees, languidly masturbate. People eaten by unknown diseases watch the passerby with evil, knowing eyes.
 In the City Market is the Meet Cafe. Followers of obsolete, unthinkable trades doodling in Etruscan, addicts of drugs not synthesized, pushers of souped-up harmine, junk reduced to pure habit offering precarious vegetable serenity, liquids to induce Latah, Tithonian longevity serums, black marketeers of World War III, excisors of telepathic sensitivity, osteopaths of the spirit, investigators of infractions denounced by bland paranoid chess players, servers of fragmentary warrants taken down in hebephrenic shorthand charging unspeakable mutilations of the spirit, bureaucrats of spectral departments, officials of unconstituted police states, a Lesbian dwarf who has perfected operation Bang-utot, the lung erection that strangles a sleeping enemy, sellers of orgone tanks and relaxing machines, brokers of exquisite dreams and memories tested on the sensitised cells of junk sickness and bartered for raw materials of the will, doctors skilled in the treatment of diseases dormant in the black dust of ruined cities, gathering virulence in the white blood of eyesless worms feeling slowly to the surface and the human host, maladies of the ocean floor and the stratosphere, maladies of the laboratory and atomic war... A place where the unknown past and the emergent future meet in a vibrating soundless hum... Larval entities waiting for a Live One...'

Taken from Burrough's 'Naked Lunch'.

Our City of Interzone is best described as a mixture of the above, Necromunda Hive and 60's New York as described in a Velvet Underground song. The Planet itself, Anomie, is a prime recruiting ground for the Inquisition. All varieties of assassins are drawn from Anomie, but particularly Culexus and Eversor. A Black Ship is in near constant orbit. Rogue traders, freaks, outsiders, aliens and the alienated congregate on the planet.

The people are rumoured to be Dark Eldar tainted, and the concentration of psychic blanks on the planet has garnered Inquisitorial interest. Ordos Xenos fear a Necrontyr corruption of Imperial Seed.

Whatever the cause, the people of Anomie are cruel and sadistic, black humoured and blank. They make excellent soldiers, their skill in guerilla fighting, terror and nuclear, biological and chemical warfare outweighing numerous atrocities on subjugated peoples. Almost.
They are distrusted by High Command, and quite rightly so.
Sick, but gifted in the bleak arts.

Anomie was subjected to Exterminatus after a planetwide Chaos insurrection, Libertarianism turned Anarchy turned Chaos Undivided.

Hope that helps.
I like what you're doing, but none the less... It's pretty freakin' messed up. Which is cool. Great ideas and concepts, but again, pretty freakin' messed up.

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Re: Reification of Nihil Rifles and Outsiders work.
« Reply #11 on: May 29, 2008, 03:28:37 PM »
Allied Nechoho themed forces:

The Agents of Aponia:

and Estragon:
The two Grey Knight Brother-Captains fight on Nihil, both are driven insane by the Cnut-Void. Vladimir is consumed by the C'tan and Estragon is later rehabilitated, but retains latent psychosis. His fear overcomes his faith and he is discretely retired.
He is mind wiped and farms a backwards agri-world for several decades.

His false memories deteriorate, and he remembers the awful truths found in pure absence.
The Chaos god Nechoho, the Doubter, finds him. He is drawn into the cult and recruits fellow 'brights' from the population. A full-scale invasion follows, and Vladimir is re-ensconced in a suit of Tactical Dreadnaught Armour, his former memories restored.

The aching loss of his Battle-Brother Estragon weighs heavily on him, and he seeks to pierce the Sea of Dirac cast by the Outsider, so that they can once more stride into battle together. He'll need enough firepower to level a sector...

The Knights of Aponia:
-Vladimir (deceased) and Estragon.
- Terminators with powerweapons, chainfists and combiplasmas.

Skopskyite Sect:

Plague marine equivelent. As pale, as pure, as painless as driven snow.
Deny all pain, all sensation, believing it to be the root of all evil.
Spend 24 hours a day in total darkness, inside black tomb-wombs shielded by Null-fields.
Entirely blind, they rise only for battle.

Adepts of Aponia:


Unity of Dissent:
1k sons. Practice cognitive dissonance. They are there... and not there.
You are shooting at something and nothing simultaneously. Their ammunition creates simliar doubt and confusion in an enemy's molecules. This angst is often fatal.

Chapter philosophy:
They seek to end all pain, whether psychic, existential or physical.
They are going to mercy-kill an entire universe. (Aponia= freedom from pain)

The chapter is loosely based on an idea I had several months ago of recreating Waiting for Godot entirely in 28mm scale and a general love of Beckett.

Estragon's dialogue is taken almost entirely from the works:
Nothing to be done.
Nothing troubles me. And yet I am troubled.
It's barely an issue now.
If he dies: I can't go on. I'll go on.

For the lulz: Is it love, in the rectum?

Vladimir's Daemon Weapon is No's Knife. He's a Lord in Terminator armour with an Undivided DW.
I like what you're doing, but none the less... It's pretty freakin' messed up. Which is cool. Great ideas and concepts, but again, pretty freakin' messed up.

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Re: Reification of Nihil Rifles and Outsiders work.
« Reply #12 on: May 29, 2008, 03:34:27 PM »
These Charming Marines:
A Lamentors progentitor Chapter. Unfortunately, some flaw in the geneseed made them liable to mope around in bedsits, moaning about their life as servants of the Emperor. Say things like: Horus, It was really nothing... Hand in (power)glove... I would crusade tonight, but I haven't got a shell to spare... etc. Chapter emblem is a daffodil intertwined with a hearing aid.
Chapter Master Mozymandias' voice is renouned across the Segmentum.

Chapter Anthem
Another Battle-Hymn, intercut with interview with Mozymandias
Inquisitor: So how does it feel to be a "sex symbol", given what you just said?

Mozymandias: Well I get these letters, and I read them, and I fight, and we appear on the battlefield, and girls scream, and you know they want to touch me, and I kind of look at them and I read these letters, and I look at the whole thing and I say well yes its very interesting but, I do feel slightly detached...to associate with this person which would receive these letters, this kind of sexual person, this desirable person...its not really me.

He has been celibate for 200 years.

There is a light that never goes out (dedicated to the Astronomican)

Loyalists, for their Traits I was thinking 'Never Despair' (How Soon is Now?) and 'We Stand Alone', almost perfectly suited the idea.

Original thread was here. A desire for Marines eventually lead to the Outsiders.

beslubber yes, going to see Morrissey on the 26th!!!
beslubber YEAR, he was awesome.
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I like what you're doing, but none the less... It's pretty freakin' messed up. Which is cool. Great ideas and concepts, but again, pretty freakin' messed up.

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Re: Reification of Nihil Rifles and Outsiders work.
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Ortegan Forces:

The original army I began with. They come from an overpopulated world, are wildly religious, and love the ultra violence. This post will expand as the summer goes on, and more things get painted. But final exams first...
I like what you're doing, but none the less... It's pretty freakin' messed up. Which is cool. Great ideas and concepts, but again, pretty freakin' messed up.


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