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Author Topic: New ITC Missions  (Read 395 times)

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New ITC Missions
« on: October 10, 2017, 11:46:12 AM »

So, ITC is pretty much the tournament standard, and unofficially (officially?) endorsed by GW. So, their missions are pretty important.

The previous missions were a mix of eternal war, with modified maelstrom.

New mission big changes.

1) Fixed objectives. This is huge, it was too much of an advantage to have player placed objectives. If you placed the first objective (and then choose deployment edge), you can easily stack one side to your advantage.

2) Player chosen secondary objectives. This is borrowed from the Nova format, but you can choose you secondary missions based on what you're up against and the mission. Playing Knights? Then go for Titan killer, etc.. This sort of thing is a huge equalizer and helps non-standard armies work better.

3) Objectives reward going second, to help mitigate first turn alpha strikes.

4) Not win/loss, so all the points you earn in missions goes towards your overall score. Makes every point you earn mean something, and makes loosing games not as detrimental to how your doing in the event. All the more reason to play through your game, as any points you earn are beneficial.

5) Two ways to score points. Progress scoring each turn, and at the end of the game. Allows multiple ways to score points and achieve victory.

6) Must finish games to earn all possible points. This'll help with slow play/horde control.

Overall, the missions are a lot more balanced then before (or event core rulebook), and allow many avenues of scoring points, which means players can build a wider variety of armies and do well with them.

I'm really excited about these changes, and I will probably play these missions instead of standard eternal war, mostly as they are more balanced (and look like more fun).

What do you folk think?
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